Teacher Under Pressures Core Values

Teacher Under Pressures Core Values

Like any great structure, Teacher Under Pressure was built with a strong foundation. Our foundation is built by our core values. These core values represent who we are individually and as a whole. Everyone on our team demonstrates each core value at all times to ensure that our company is the best in the area.


Customer Service

Our first core value is customer service. This is placed as the number one core value as it’s the most important representation of who we are as a company. Our customer service is what separates us from all other companies. We communicate very well from your first touch point all the way until the last. We will always show up when we tell you we will, and if we are running a little behind we will update you. At the end we make sure you are completely satisfied with our work or we do not accept payment. We will always make our interactions with you fun and memorable, it’s our job to make a lasting impression! As our slogan states, “We are a customer service business that cleans.”


We will always take ownership in everything we do as individuals and as a company. In a world that likes to point the finger and blame others, this is NOT us. If something is not done right or we missed anything, we will take ownership. We will come back or redo anything that is not 100%. It’s easy to take ownership of the good things, but we take pride in taking ownership in the bad as well.


Teacher Under Pressure believes consistency is one of the best human traits one can have. Consistently showing up and doing what you promise is very important to our company. We also believe consistently trying to be better each day is the path of excellence. At Teacher Under Pressure we are consistent and try to be a little better than the day before.


We are a firm believer that what you put out in the universe you receive back. We love to give to our community and especially our teachers. We give away free house washes, gutter cleaning and other items throughout the year to our community. We also give our teacher gift cards at the beginning of the school year to help with any classroom needs they might have. We love to give and it makes us feel great when we can give back to our community.

These are the core values that Teacher Under Pressure was built on and we work extremely hard to live by these values each and every day. Everything else in our company is held together by this strong foundation.