The 3 most commonly asked questions

1️.  What kind of solution do you use?

We use a house cleaning solution that has sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and an industrial strength surfactant. The solution only comes out at .08% which is lower than most of our competitors. It does cause us to clean a little slower but we want to make sure we do not harm your vegetation.


2️.  Do you use a soft washing technique?

Yes, we use a soft washing technique while cleaning your home. The house solution will do most of the work to kill off any organic matter on your home’s siding. We will rinse the solution off with very low pressure (soft wash) as this process lowers the risk of damage, unlike hard pressure.


3️.  Why are you more than company XYZ?

When comparing companies simply based on price it’s not always apples to apples. Our value is our customer service. We communicate throughout the process, we show up on time, and we do not accept payment until you let us know you’re completely satisfied with the service. We know your home is one of, if not the, largest purchases you’ve made. Teacher Under Pressure gives you the peace of mind knowing it is cleaned by a professional company that is bonded and insured. There is a reason we have over 190- 5 star google reviews! Contact us today for a quote!